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Landlord Information – Mermaid Beach

21 Feb 2011 Mermaid Beach 0 Comment

Your rental property is one of the most important investments that you may make in your lifetime. So you need to ensure you are entrusting the management of your property portfolio to a Company that understands property owners both expect and deserve excellent, efficient and friendly service. John Henderson Professionals Mermaid Beach is a company that delivers exactly that within all areas of Property Management.

John Henderson Professionals Mermaid Beach have been managing properties for nearly 4 decades in the Mermaid Beach, Mermaid Waters and Miami areas. We have a Property Management team that is second to none, consisting of four experienced Property Managers, and other Administration staff. Currently managing in excess of 600 properties, our specialised team are proficient in all areas of Property Management.

We offer all our valued clients the benefit of our knowledge of the local rental property market, experienced Property Managers who are continually receiving ongoing training to keep up to date with the ever changing legislation, and the promise of ongoing personalised service from our family based business.

Our commitment is to ensure that we gain and maintain the best achievable rental income for our client’s investment properties at all times. Many of our Landlords have been with us from the beginning and continue to refer us on to family and friends.

Please CLICK HERE for a copy of our latest Property Management Newsletter.

Take the Stress out of Property Management

Owning and maintaining a rental property is a specialised business. Successful investors free themselves from the worry and responsibilities of day to day management of property, concentrating instead on their long term goals. They know that the better the property management, the better the return on the investment.

At John Henderson Real Estate – Professionals, our Property Managers work in the best interest of the property owner and have the time, knowledge and expertise to effectively manage properties on your behalf.

When we manage your property, we will:

> Carefully select the right tenant
> ID Check
> Employment verification
> National tenancy database (TICA)
> Reference checking and search
> Effectively manage the relationship with your tenant
> Maximise your rental income
> Ensure that rent payments are made in accordance with the agreement
> See that maintenance of your property is kept up to date
> Act on your behalf as if we are the landlord, meaning you have an arms-length relationship with tenants. This can be particularly useful in any negotiation, review or termination of tenancy.
> Maintain a comprehensive knowledge of the ever-changing legislation that may affect your investment.
> Carry out regular Property inspections and provide written reports to owners

Inspection of Properties

Your property will be routinely inspected on a regular basis internally and at other times should we consider it necessary. Additionally, each and every property is inspected from the street regularly to ensure all is in order. Written inspection reports are completed and owners are advised accurately on their monthly statements concerning internal inspections.

Business Insurance

We are covered by Policies of $10 million for Indemnity & Liability Insurance.


Our Trust Account is fully audited each year and the Auditor also conducts two unscheduled audits during the year. This is a requirement under the Auctioneers and Agents Act.

Collection of Rent

We offer tenants the facility to pay rent via the following methods:

> Internet (preferred payment)
> Periodical Payment (this service must be set up with the bank by the tenant themselves), or;
> Rentcard (24 hour a day telephone banking)

When these systems are used the funds are paid promptly from the tenants bank account directly in to the Rental Trust Account.

If rent is three days overdue then tenants are contacted. As legislation permits, once the tenant is eight days overdue they are issued with a ‘Notice to Remedy Breach’. If rent is not received then we issue a ‘Notice to Leave’. At this point we decide whether to lift the Notice or not. However if rent is not paid, we apply to the QTAC to have the tenant evicted.

We highly recommend that you take out Landlord Protection Insurance which covers unpaid rent, an untenantable property, malicious damage to a building, contents that are maliciously damaged or stolen and legal liability

Professionals Mermaid Beach Peace of Mind

As a successful investor you know that vacant properties affect your income.

We provide a full letting service aimed at securing new tenants quickly and we are able to manage your property with minimal vacancy. By controlling the process of tenant selection ourselves, we are able to confidentially reject unsuitable applicants.

As a John Henderson Real Estate Professionals client, you will be assigned a Property Manager dedicated to your interests. This Manager will personally manage your tenancy, rent collection and property maintenance. Should a vacancy occur, your Professionals Property Manager will take direct responsibility for re-letting your property. Your Professionals Manager will take responsibility for keeping you informed about your investment. You may have as much or as little information that you wish for your peace of mind.

The Professionals brand is well known in the rental market as being a provider of quality accommodation, and so enjoys the benefit of a large amount of referral and repeat business.

Professional Service

We are members of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland and also members of the Tenancy Information Centre of Australasia (TICA) and all prospective tenants are checked through this organisation.


We are fully computerised and funds are deposited monthly by direct debit, normally on the first or second day. A print out of financial year’s figures for Taxation purposes is available. Some owners have us pay accounts on their behalf so that their taxation records are simplified. We will forward copies of the statement to Accountants monthly if requested.

From the rent collected on your behalf we can arrange payment of all the statutory accounts as you instruct us in the Management Agreement. Such accounts could include council rates, body corporate levies and insurance. With reference to water rates, we will invoice the tenant for any water usage charges were the property is individually metered and meets legislation requirements.

Council Rates

We will also pay Gold Coast City Council rates, Body Corporate Fees and Insurance from rental proceeds if requested, and at no extra cost to your normal management fee.


We also keep our clients fully informed with a monthly newsletter containing property management advice, new properties rented and other handy tips. You are also subscribed to our weekly email newsletter which offers you the very latest sale properties, price reductions and upcoming open homes.


Change of legislation makes it harder for owners to manage their own properties. Let us protect you…

Our Property Management Department is kept up to date with the latest information from the institute and with market statistics from the Rental Bond Board as well as updates from the Residential Tenancies Tribunal. All our Property Management Staff are put through on-going professional development training to ensure that their knowledge and skills are always at the peak of the industry.


We recommend you have adequate cover for Buildings and Contents Insurance for a tenanted rental property. Even if your property is unfurnished you still require a minimum contents cover for carpets, curtains and light fittings and most importantly Public Liability for inside the property.

We recommend that all owners comprehensively cover their properties with the appropriate insurances. We believe we can have appropriate insurance put in place that will save owners costs in running their buildings. We will attend to all insurance claims. We are able to have independant insurance brokers supply competitive quotes for your property. We recommend that quotes for comprehensive insurances he obtained.

It is our duty to ensure that all of the requirements of the various Government legislation relevant to property investment are complied with.

When John Henderson Professionals Manage your Property, we:

– Assess your properties to determine the highest rent available

– Promote your property to obtain the best tenants

– Qualify applicants and check references prior to letting

– Prepare tenancy agreement and pre-tenancy property inspection reports

– Collect advance rentals and bond moneys, lodging bonds with R.T.A.

– Receive and receipt rents, monitor any overdue amounts

– Actively pursue rent arrears

– Manage your investment account, recording rents and paying outgoings

– Forward net proceeds through electronic banking

– Pay rates, insurance and body corporate fees at no additional charge

– Arrange and supervise maintenance to quality standards

– Complete an initial 6 week inspection and then reguarly throughout the tenancy

– Administer return of bonds, assess any tenant liability and complete negotiations with outgoing tenants

– Advise you of your rights and obligations under the Residential Tenancies Act

– Should it be necessary, represent you professionally at Tenancy Tribunals the tenancy tenant selection

Tenant Selection

Tenant selection is the most important factor in achieving a maximum investment return by the development of a stable tenancy. Whether your property has been vacant for two days or a month, the number of applications received will never overshadow the quality of Tenant at our office.

The written application process is thorough, and includes an interview with one of our Property Management Team. All prospective Tenants must provide written evidence as to their capacity to meet the rental commitment, full identification, as well as detailing previous rental history. As you can appreciate, personal references do not always hold weight. If you desire input at any time into the rental procedure, John Henderson Real Estate can always make every reasonable effort to accommodate your wishes.

The return and security of an investment property reflects greatly upon the quality of the Tenant. The changes to consumer legislation, the Anti-Discrimination Act, the Residential Tenancies Act and many other inter-related factors have seen a strengthening of Tenants rights, thus placing greater demand upon Agents and Landlords to select suitable Tenants.

Rental Terms

All leases are in the prescribed written form. Rental figures are reviewed regularly to ensure that our landlords are achieving the best returns.

Prior to any Lease Option being extended, our Property Manager will conduct an inspection to ensure that the property is being maintained in a satisfactory condition. Written records are kept of those inspections. We will administer your property, as required, under the relevant Acts of Parliament.

Re-Letting Procedures

We list the property approximately 10 days prior to availability for re-letting on letting sheets and numerous Internet websites. We find we receive the best enquiry within this time. All prospective tenants paperwork is thoroughly checked prior to approval.

Sales and Sales Appraisals

If at any time you require an updated market appraisal, our experienced Sales Team are able to inspect and attend to a written Report. Out Property Management Team is in constant contact with the Sales Team. Our company can act as exclusive agents in the sale or purchase of any property in Queensland.


Inspections are conducted by the prospective tenants with one of our qualified letting agents, we do not hand out keys to the property.  We conduct an initial Routine Inspection 6 weeks into the tenancy to ensure all is in order and then regularly throughout the tenancy.

Security Bonds

Upon your Tenant vacating and, if required, you are invited to inspect the property with our Property Manager to ensure it has been left in a satisfactory condition (taking into account fair wear and tear). Final release of the tenants bond will only be completed if the property has been left in a reasonably clean and undamaged condition both internally and externally.

Receiving your Rental Money – Computerised Reporting

All rental payments received are receipted and banked into our Trust Account, as required under the Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act in Queensland. Your rental monies are disbursed monthly to you, together with a computerised statement, incorporating;

– A summary of all income and outgoings received for that property
– A detailed account of expenditure for commissions, management fees, leasing fees and maintenance accompanied by the original invoices, for taxation purposes.
– The payment deposited to your nominated bank account via direct deposit

The availability of accurate reporting is vital in the streamlining of any Property Management Department. Our computerised system has the capacity for detailed reports incorporating the following information;

– Rental receipts
– Lease review dates
– Rent reviews
– Arrears reports
– Taxation profit and loss reports (annually)
– Bond lodgement/refund documentation
– Maintenance – invoice payments for tradespeople and creditors (monthly)
– Recoverable outgoings & income (e.g. rates, insurances, excess water, etc. – if applicable)
– History details
– Courtesy reminder letters to tenants
– GST, if applicable

All Residential Tenancies Authority forms are promptly completed. All Bonds are paid to the relevant Government Authority. A minimum Bond equivalent to four weeks rent is applicable.

Change of Tenancy

Properties are inspected immediately when the tenant vacates (same or next working day). Should there be a dispute at the end of the tenancy in relation to rent, cleaning and/or damage, we will rigorously pursue this through to mediation with the Residential Tenancies Authority and if need be through QTAC. Our policy is to present the property in a clean state on occupancy and we expect the same in return when a tenant vacates.

Lease and Application Forms

We recommend a six month term for all new Leases. Each prospective tenant completes an extensive written application form which is thoroughly checked by our staff. If there is any doubt, then we naturally decline the application.


It is evident that potential tenants are becoming heavy users of the internet in seeking properties to rent. We have our internet site and our properties are also listed on & which are the major real estate sites in Australia, in addition to several other sites.

Our vacancies are also referred to the Professionals Group Queensland State site at Those services will expose your property to prospective tenants both locally as well as those prospective tenants who are planning to relocate to the Gold Coast.

We regularly review rent in line with market conditions.


Preventative maintenance is a crucial factor in the successful performance of a Real Estate Investment. Maintaining a property in a good state of repair ensures not only a satisfied Tenant, but also a steady capital appreciation.Our Property Management staff will clarify all maintenance matters and, where necessary, obtain written quotations.

John Henderson Real Estate contracts the services of quality tradespeople to carry out all facets of property maintenance at competitive rates.

Our Management Agreement sets out an amount agreed between you and us, for any single repair. You would be briefed on expenditure over the agreed amount and prior to that commitment being entered into.

Some owners residing locally may elect to either attend to their own maintenance or engage their preferred tradespeople. We would be more than happy to comply with those requests. We are able to organise quotations for capital expenditure and supervise those works, should you
so require.

We believe that regular maintenance is very important to maintaining tenant owner relations and in the long term owners who give consideration to legitimate tenants requests will benefit from a harmonious relationship that ensures their asset value is maintained. Our general maintenance contractors have been working for us for many continuous years. Our electrical work has been done for over thirty years by Coastline Electrical Service, who offers twenty-four hour service which is necessary in cases of emergency. Other contractors such as plumbers, gardeners and cleaners are naturally employed.

Our policy is to employ specialists in each field who are insured and can provide a fair and competitive price with good results. We rigidly work on controlling their costs to ensure our owners are not being exploited and will offer them no further work if we consider their
accounts unreasonable.

All work not of minor nature is inspected prior to and after it has been done. Our owners vary as to what is referred to them prior to having work done and this can be discussed with yourselves concerning your particular requirements.

It has always been our Policy not to accept any ‘secret commissions’ etc, and we have never accepted any remuneration other than commission from anyone.

What is paid to the contractor is passed on to you with no fee applicable to us.

Value for Money

Successful investors consider property management fees a wise investment, knowing that all fees are tax deductible with no hidden charges, and include:

– Assessment of your properties to maximise your rent

– Written property condition reports

– Qualification and credit checking of potential tenants

– Full letting service to minimise vacancies

– Preparation of tenancy agreements and associated documentation

– Bond receipt, accounting and dispute resolution

– Rent collection and tenant payment history on computer

– Daily monitoring and active pursuit of arrears

– A physical inspection of your property every 17 weeks

– Organising any repairs and maintenance

– Monitoring qualified trades people for emergencies

– Monthly accounting and payment to you

– Regular rent reviews

– Arranging access for valuations, insurance or information for tax returns

– Obtaining market appraisals on your property

– Providing inventories where applicable

– Arranging insurance claims as appropriate

The management fee does not include:

– Property newspaper advertising costs which are payable only when seeking a new tenant & only when requested by you

– Appearing as the Landlord at mediation / arbitration or Tenancy Tribunal hearings

– Additional services at your request.

Our Aim

Our aim is to establish and develop a mutually beneficial business relationship with our clients in providing the highest standard of professionalism in the service we provide, while maintaining our unsurpassed reputation within the real estate profession.


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