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Power-Saving Tips

Source for Power Saving Tips – energyAustralia, website


Keeping Cool and Saving Power- Some Tips

Keep windows covered – in the heat of the day ensure windows are covered by curtains, blinds or shutters.

Shut off the air-conditioner – don’t leave your air-conditioner running all day when at work, or keep it running throughout the night.

Keeping cooled rooms centralised – when cooling a central room, keep the doors closed to cool it more quickly and efficiently.

Use a Thermometer – purchase a thermometer and keep your temperature between 23 and 26 degrees. For every degree cooler, this will add approx 10% to your power bill to maintain.

Moderate is best – use the economy setting on air-conditioners to maintain moderate instead of cold temperature.

Keeping Warm and Saving Power- Some Tips

Use electric blankets – instead of warming a room before going to bed, just heat your bed with an electric blanket then switch this off before going to bed.

Close doors – keeping doors closed is one way to keep heating centralised to certain living areas, conserving heat and power.

Door snakes – ensure gaps at the bottom of doors are blocked up by door snakes to stop cold drafts and help keep rooms warm.

Exhaust fans – close doors with rooms that have exhaust fans like bathrooms and the kitchen, as cool air will enter the home through these vent holes.

Extra clothing – wear extra clothing when it gets cold, and throw an extra blanket on the bed.

Use a thermometer – purchase a thermometer and keep your temperature between 18 and 21 degrees. For every degree warmer, this will add approx 10% to your power bill to maintain. Want it warmer? Put on an extra jumper!

Other useful Power Saving Tips

Use cold water – use cold water for your washing machine instead of warm or hot water.

Drying clothes – if it’s sunny hang your clothes to dry outside instead using the clothes dryer.

Lights – switch off lights after use and do not leave lights on in rooms if not being used.

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