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Vacating The Property

Notice in Writing

When you intend to vacate the property, in all instances we require your notice in writing with a Form 13 – Notice of Intention to Leave. This can be found on the RTA website or you may collect a copy from our office.

Ending a Fixed Term

If you are leaving at the end of your current fixed term lease, we require at least 14 days notice in writing. Please note that this amount of notice needs to commence when we have received your notice, not when it was posted. It must be signed by all tenants, otherwise the notice will not commence until all tenants have signed.

Ending a Non-Fixed (Periodic) Term

If you are leaving on a non-fixed term (periodic) lease, we require at least 14 days notice in writing. Please note that this amount of notice needs to commence when we have received your notice, not when it was posted to us. It must be signed by all tenants, otherwise the notice will not commence until all tenants have signed.

Breaking a Fixed Term

Should you wish to leave during a fixed term lease, we require your notice in writing. We are unable to accept your intention verbally.

In the case of breaking a fixed term lease ,the following costs will be incurred:

(a)  Rent until a tenant approved by the landlord takes possession, orthe lease expires (whichever occurs first).

(b)  Reletting fees and advertising costs to relet the premises.

(c)  Should the premises be vacant before a new tenant is secured, it is also your responsibility to

ensure the grounds are watered and maintained for this period and the property is left clean.

(c)  Inspection fees – If you require us to show the property on your behalf as a tenant, you are required to pay a fee for each inspection we make. Alternatively, you may show the property yourself at no charge – we simply refer any enquiries to the phone number you nominate and you arrange your own times. However, all application forms must come through to our office.

Getting Your Bond Back Quickly- Criteria

At the end of your tenancy you will no doubt want your bond refunded quickly after you vacate. For your full bond to be paid quickly, you will need to ensure the following:

a)    Rent -any outstanding rent is paid promptly.

b)    Property Ready – the property is cleaned, carpets professionally cleaned and grounds returned to their ingoing condition. Please follow the final vacating guide at the end of this handbook. The property must also passthe final inspection conducted by this agency.

c)    Outstanding Accounts – please ensure that any monies outstanding like water, any damages, compensation amounts and break lease fees are paid.

d)    Keys – ensure that all keys, remote controls etc have been returned.

Once these criteria have been met we can then refund your bond. Delays to this in all cases relates to one or more of these criteria not being met.

Outstanding Rent

Please note that it is against the tenancy legislation to withhold rent at the end of your tenancy with the intention for this to be deducted from the bond. Your rent must be paid in full, leaving your bond intact.


household cleaner with rubber gloves bucket and sponge..

Please use the ‘Getting the Property Ready for Vacating’ guide located in the Tenant Handbook or on this website.

It is also important to understand that cleaning thoroughness can be hampered by tiredness after moving into another property. We encourage you to employ a cleaner so this process is not compromised. Should the cleaning process not be completed thoroughly, this can result in extra costs associated in rectify any cleaning issues and will also delay the return of the bond.

Carpet Cleaning

Please ensure the carpets are professionally steam cleaned. Using cheap ‘do it yourself’ carpet cleaning hire machines generally do not have the power to get carpets properly cleaned.

We require a receipt for professional cleaning.

We use and recommend ABCO Chemdry on 0408 192 698.

The Final Inspection

Only once the property has been fully vacated, cleaned and grounds made ready with keys returned can we commence our final inspection. It is important to note that if a final inspection time has been made and you are aware that you will not be fully ready for the inspection, please call us as soon as possible to rearrange another time.

We do not wish to travel to the property ready for the inspection and find the property not 100% ready. In some cases we may need to charge a fee should we not be able to complete the inspection and no communication received by you to transfer the appointment time.

Outstanding Monies/Damages

It is important to note that if you vacate with outstanding monies and damages, your details will be lodged on a national internet tenancy database. Even if your monies are eventually paid, this doesn’t mean your details will be withdrawn from the database. It is important to know your details may still be lodged for 5 years after your debt has been cleared, indicating there was originally a problem.

Therefore due to the serious nature of these databases and how they can affect your future renting prospects, it is best that all monies owed be paid as soon as possible so no monies are owing.


Should an eviction occur, your details will be lodged on the national internet tenancy database.

National Internet Tenancy Database



The national internet tenancy database is a collection of tenancy information on an internet website lodged by real estate agents, mostly regarding tenant default action like property damage, outstanding monies and eviction. All agents use this database to lodge tenant details. However, when agents are processing application forms, this database is also cross-checked. We are confident that should an agent checking an application find tenant default details lodged; the application will be promptly declined.

So we urge all of our tenants to ensure they paytheir rent on time, keep the property clean, maintain the grounds and ensure the tenancy is finalised satisfactorily with no monies left owing, to avoid an unfortunate lodgement oftheir details.

For specific details regarding the database we use, see

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