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Water Saving Tips

Saving Water – 19 Great Tips

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Tips and water use info from the book ‘365 Water Saving Tips’, Published by Hinkler Books Pty Ltd, Heatherton Victoria.

Since the majority of water usage occurs inside the home, we have put together some useful water saving tips to help you reduce your water usage and save you money.

In the Kitchen

  1. Don’t let the tap run while you wait for it to warm up or cool down, without first placing the plug in the sink to collect all the water. You can also run      this initial water into a container, which can be poured onto the garden or into pot plants.
  2. Try filling your sink by half, just enough to cover your dishes when washing them.
  3. Save all your dishes until the evening and wash them all in one go.
  4. Start by washing the least dirty dishes first, and then the leave the dirtiest till last.

In the Bathroom

  1. Don’t leave the tap running while you are brushing your teeth, or having a shave. If shaving,then perhaps fill the sink partially for rinsing your razor and face.
  2. When waiting for the shower water to warm up, place a bucket in the shower to catch this water, and pour on to the garden later.
  3. Take shorter showers and even purchase a 4 minute egg timer and adjust your showering routine to 4 minutes.
  4. If your family members prefer a bath, and if your shower is over the bath then allow the showers to be taken first with the plug in, and the last person to use the water can have their bath last. You might need to top up with warmer water to get the right temperature!

In the Toilet

Please note that a modern toilet uses 9 litres of water on full flush, and 4.5 litres on half flush.

In the Laundry

  1. If your clothes are not very dirty, only use the shortest wash cycle on your washing machine.
  2. Pre-treating stains before washing will reduce the chance of the need for re-washing after coming out of the washing machine.
  3. Instead of using the woollens and delicate cycle on a washing machine, consider hand washing these items.
  4. Older washing machines use enough water per cycle to fill a bath!

Around the House

13.     Ensure all taps inside and outside are turned off tight. Don’t force them too tight however as this can damage the washer, causing more leaking.

14. Don’t buy children toys that require a steady flow and use of water like slip’n slides, or need constant filling like water guns. Not only do these items require water, sometimes children tend to leave taps running while usingthem.

In the Garden

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15. Don’t assume your garden needs watering. Check the soil first around plants to see if it is dry before watering.

16. A good soaking on the garden once or twice per week is better than watering every day.

17. Don’t allow more than a centimetre of water to accumulate on the ground. This excess water can easily run off and be wasted.

18. If your garden is on a slope, just water for short periods so that runoff water doesn’t escape and be wasted.

19. Check your four day weather forecast to see if good rain is expected before watering.

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